Magnum Add Ons

Sidekick Solutions

We design add-on instruments to enhance performance and capability of a Magnum* Test System.


  • Low Cost DFT and Boundary Scan Testing Capabilities
  • DC Parametric Capabilities for Structural Test
    • 128 Fully Independent PMU Channels
    • 8 Fully Independent DUT Power Supplies


  • Add-on Instrument for the Magnum Test System that increase mixed signal test coverage and productivity.
    • 32 Channels of Precision Voltage Source and Capture capability
    • 32 VI Source and Measure Channels


  • High Precision and Low Cost DC Parametric Capabilities
    • 32 Source and Measure Unit Pin Channels which includes precise voltage and current measurement and four quadrant output.


  • Lower Cost of Testing Analog Parts:
    • 32 Power Supply Channel Instrument that can populate anywhere from one (1) to four (4) slots per chassis of Magnum* system.
    • Sidekick-HDPS API's are fully compatible with current Magnum*UI release.

*Magnum is a product of Teradyne Inc.